door slams
18.08.20, 12:54

hello again,

of course i got covid. how could i have not? ironically, it was nearly nothing. i often have drug side effects, but i woke up one day in march with a helluva headache, and headaches are not my MO. i'm pretty blessed to not suffer allergies, sinus issues, etc. so a headache was ouch. i tried all the traditional remedies... nada.

i continued working because i was Very Important all the sudden at work. we were the Front Line, out to save The People. and i wasn't really putting anyone at risk since all my patients were covid by then. in fact, it was so bad we were doubling up rooms with covid. imagine getting the worst virus ever and finding out you'd be stuck in a room with someone else with the worst virus ever? hindsight makes me laugh, but it sure wasn't funny at the time.

i was sure the headache would eventually wan. it didn't. on around day 3 i was lamenting to a text group and my public health nurse friend said she was hearing people reporting headaches as a symptom. i was like but i can breathe? but i got tested anyway, because why not. i then had to quarantine for 7 days, because we knew nothing and 7 seemed like a solid number for an american worker to take off of work.

TEN DAYS LATER, i got my results. the nurse called me to ensure i was still alive. i was like... oh i'm back working already, the headache eventually went away.

welp, that was my covid. of course i am incredibly thankful that it was mild as can be, and i know how lucky i am. i've seen what this virus can do to people. it's not pretty.

i got tested 3.5 months later and still have antibodies, which is pretty cool. no one in the fam got it, which is nuts.

otherwise, i'm just hanging out, awaiting the kids to go back to school for approximately 10 days before they are sent home again after an Imminent Scare and/or suburbs school cluster. i have researched taking the year off, but the Evil Government will not let me, as that would be truancy. i would love to ask, from what are they truant? a screen? but whatever. i am not registering for home school, for i have no desire to home school, and the thought of hibernating with them all winter makes me physically ill, so i just pretend It's All Good and continue on.

isn't that what we are all doing right now? i need a nap.

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